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RSP encouraging unrealistic reviews at

rsp fake reviews

It’s not easy these days to find places that do honest unbiased supplement reviews. One of the reasons people actually go looking for places like that and find the likes of us, Supplement Reviews and PricePlow, is because there are a lot of untrustworthy websites out there. Strangely enough today proof of some rather interesting review instructions has surfaced. Over on’s forums an image has been posted of an email from RSP Nutrition. In it are steps from the brand to team members about using a $50 gift card and their BodySpace account to purchase trial sizes of CreAde, Quadralean and DyNO. After that the email says to wait a day, something that is highlighted and enforced in capitals, then rate each product a 10/10. Funnily enough the last instruction is to enjoy the money left over from the $50 coupon which is a rather nice $14.06 after shipping. While the steps do make for a great read and give you a good look at what RSP ask of their team. Above all the instructions there are the lines “The following must be done as a member of #TeamRSP. In not doing so will risk your package for May”. It seems not only does RSP ask for 10/10 reviews a day after their team members have ordered supplements but it is a must if they don’t want to risk their “package”. For your entertainment we have uploaded the email below although you can also see it in the original forum thread.

Update: The original forum thread has been taken down, although you can still find the emails linked on Jason Blaha’s YouTube video about the positive review instructions.

RSP Nutrition 10/10 review email

rsp letter

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