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SteelEdge and APE Darknight get prices at Muscle & Strength


While we have yet to see any of the usual supplement retailers show up with any of the new products from Athletic Edge, pre-release prices on a couple of the new additions have been revealed. Both the nighttime multi type product APE Darknight and the pre-workout SteelEdge have already been uploaded by Muscle & Strength confirming their costs. Compared to the original APE at Muscle & Strength APE Darknight has been priced slightly cheaper at $30.99 a bottle, just under $7 less. As for Athletic Edge’s new pre-workout SteelEdge compared to the brand’s current entry in that category PreSurge, you will need to pay a bit more. While PreSurge is set at $27.84, the upcoming SteelEdge has got a pre-release price of $29.99. We don’t quite know when either of the two supplements will become available at Muscle & Strength, although at least now fans have an idea on how much they will be paying for two of the brand’s latest.

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