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Jim Stoppani calls micellar whey idiotic and explains why


When Jim Stoppani created a video talking about his thoughts on having d-aspartic acid in a pre-workout, we couldn’t help but think he was talking about MusclePharm’s Hardcore Series Wreckage. More videos quickly followed that clip as Stoppani also uploaded his thoughts on a few other things the Athlete’s Company had put in Wreckage that weren’t in his pre-workout competitor Pre Jym. This week Jim Stoppani has released yet another video that singles out a new supplement, or type of supplements. The YouTube clip is officially titled “Micellar Whey Protein” where the mind behind Jym Supplement Science shares with his fans what he thinks about the relatively new type of protein, micellar whey. In short Stoppani explains the benefits of both whey protein and casein, then goes into what micellar whey is and why it’s promoted as “the power of whey at the speed of casein”. After the 4 minute introduction he then says “a lot of people might think ‘ooo’ that’s great. Well actually it’s quite idiotic”. If you’ve ever watched a video from Jim Stoppani you’ll know he explains every bit of his opinion, which he does in fact do for why he thinks micellar whey is idiotic. He goes into detail about how you can take both casein and whey together instead of having the two combined and losing some of the additional benefits of casein protein. You can check out the entire YouTube upload below and while it does feature Pro Jym mentions, most of the time it’s all about the protein sources relating it to more than just Stoppani’s own products.