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Vaso Grow V2 gets 1 less capsule than Dedicated’s original

vaso grow v2

While most of Dedicated Nutrition’s recent releases have been entirely new supplements, some of them have been reformulations. The updated BCAA Sensation started it all, which was then followed by the confirmation of an all new Pack. The brand have now confirmed yet another sequel supplement with a reformulated version of their pump product Vaso Grow. At the moment Dedicated are calling the formula Vaso Grow V2, although as you can see in the image above the official name on the box is the same as the original’s with just Vaso Grow. Unfortunately outside of the picture and temporary title, nothing much else about Vaso Grow V2 has been released. The image of the supplement does confirm 50 4 capsule servings which is 1 capsule lighter than the current Vaso Grow, however that doesn’t exactly give us any solid information. The image also features a facts panel with eight transparently dosed lines, although like the serving size it doesn’t mean much and could even be just for show. For now those are all the details we have as Dedicated promote their latest sequel as available soon, with Vaso Grow V2 joining a list of upcoming products such as Gainz and the AM/PM separated multi-vitamin Pack.

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