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Launch of Fusion Zeus 2.0 confirmed for late next week

zeus 2.0

Fans of Fusion Bodybuilding wondering what’s happening with all their favorite brand’s upcoming products, an update for one of the items has been released. It appears both Agent M 2.0 and Micro Dry will remain on the waiting list as Zeus 2.0 is going to be the first one launched. It only makes sense that the sequel supplement comes before the others since it was the first to be confirmed back in early January. The official update from Fusion is that Zeus 2.0 will finally be available late next week. Based on that it sounds like fans will be in for a Thursday or Friday release, which is likely to be done through the brand’s own website. If that does prove to be the case and Fusion keep their Zeus price the same, the most fans will be looking at for Zeus 2.0 would be around $70. For now we are just going to have to sit back and wait for the launch which should also bring the facts panel behind the sequel.

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