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Update on the still upcoming post-workout AllMax CVol

allmax cvol

The post-workout AllMax CVol was confirmed all the way back in April where we got quite a few details on the upcoming supplement. Despite it being extremely early on as the product has still yet be released we were able to confirm a handful of ingredients. Today we’ve got a bit of an update on AllMax CVol with more on the contents of the supplement, flavors and an official description from the brand. While we have yet to see the facts panel for the post-workout we do know AllMax CVol packs a 5g blend of 4 types of creatine, 2.5g taurine, 1g carnitine l-tartrate, and 800mg each of beta-alanine and betaine. As for the flavors fans can expect to see the next AllMax product in, two rather unique recipes will be available with coconut lime mojito and raspberry-kiwi kamikaze. Lastly we have a nice short and sweet description from the brand themselves talking about AllMax CVol’s intentions. Basically it sounds like the brand are promising all the usual post-workout effects saying “Get more out of every workout. Get stronger every time you train. CVol has the ingredients that will help your muscles recover better, faster; every time.” Unfortunately despite this being an update we don’t yet know when AllMax CVol will be arriving although it is now sitting on the coming soon list alongside the caffeinated amino AllMax ACuts.

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