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American Metabolix Havok not the same as the original

american metabolix havok

One of the key lines when American Metabolix announced their transition from American Muscle was that the brand would have the same great formulas at much better prices. While we definitely appreciate the latter and can see the differences in cost direct already, one of the rebranded products that has shown up does in fact not have the same formula. The pre-workout American Metabolix Havok has received a number of changes, although in their defense the older version still displayed on their website does have AMP citrate. As for the modifications made to American Metabolix Havok, it appears that almost everything has changed.

Seeing as all of the supplement’s ingredients are wrapped up in proprietary blends, it is difficult to tell exactly what numbers have changed. The totals however are quite a bit bigger, even when you factor in different features. Going over the ingredients that have remained, of the original’s 10 features half have been used in the American Metabolix Havok. Creatine Magna Power, caffeine, beta-alanine and a couple of others have made the trip leaving room for the new version to introduce 10 more ingredients. Some of those new additions include citrulline malate, arginine and taurine, which have helped boost the product’s serving size from 4.2 to 8.1g.

You can see the new American Metabolix Havok formula in more detail below, as we have added its official facts panel. We’ve also included the label for the supplement’s AMP citrate predecessor for you to see the differences for yourself. If you are interested in the rebranded Havok while American Metabolix have not yet updated their website they have put together a page where you can order the pre-workout. As mentioned earlier their direct prices have already dropped as promised with the reformulation available for $39.95 a tub, $32.97 each for two, or $27.98 each for three.

American Metabolix Havok

american metabolix havok

American Muscle Havok

american metabolix havok

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