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Androgenix Diuretic coming soon to a store near you

androgenix diuretic

As difficult as it is to follow Androgenix Labs since they have more supplements than what their website lists with the category titled products Pre-Workout, Fat Burner and BCAA. We do know that they’ve just introduced another supplement named after the category it’s competing in with Androgenix Diuretic. The water loss formula was both revealed and detailed today, confirming a single 2.23g proprietary blend for the product packing 10 different ingredients.

While 10 is a lot of features for a diuretic, 4 of them you don’t usually see in a blend as they’re listed separately in the vitamins and minerals section. As for the other 6 Androgenix Diuretic ingredients you have all your common features such as dandelion, uva ursi, and juniper berry as well as the not so common buchu leaf, taurine and hydrangea root. Unfortunately we don’t yet have an official facts panel to give you a closer look, however the ingredients mentioned are all that’s there.

Lastly as mentioned earlier the brand have just introduced Androgenix Diuretic today, and are already promoting it as in stock and are looking to get it to stores as quickly as possible.

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