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April teased brand finally online, Androgenix supplements detailed with website launch

Androgenix Labs website launched detailing all three of their supplements

Androgenix Labs, the brand that confirmed a relaunch of sorts back in April, have finally got everything together and are ready to move forward. Originally Androgenix showed off a total of three supplements, all category titled formulas, Pre-Workout, BCAA and Fat Burner. Since that initial preview, a number of other products have been revealed with Strength, Lean, Mass, Strength + Mass and PCT. Despite them all being uploaded and pictured in the flesh, the latest move from Androgenix sees their website go live with just the three originals, Pre-workout, BCAA and Fat Burner. With the digital release not only can you finally see what is in each of the brand’s core supplements, but also actually purchase the formulas with direct availability. If you would like to find out more about Androgenix as well as their three products, head on over to the brand’s fresh new site. Currently the best place for information on Androgenix online, with more retailers looking to spread awareness on the brand very soon.

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