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APE Darknight hits Muscle & Strength as the updated LIV hits

ape darknight

Athletic Edge said the first new supplement of theirs to show up would be the all new APE Darknight and so it has. The multi-effect formula promoting testosterone boosting, sleep support and craving control has hit a store that continues to be one of the first to market, Muscle & Strength. APE Darknight has gone on sale at the retailer for $30.99 and is currently in stock and available to order. It is Muscle & Strength who also have Athletic Edge’s pre-workout Steeledge listed, however unlike APE Darknight it is not yet in stock. The only other new Athletic Edge product that looks like it’s here is the rebranded LIV, as have updated the fat burner’s page. While we don’t yet know if all the old LIVs are gone and every order will be receiving the white and red supplement, it does definitely look that way. With the new Athletic Edge now making its way out you can expect to see more locations making changes like Muscle & Strength and as well as hopefully more details on the yet to be detailed APE Libido.

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