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APE Libido designed to increase sex drive, testosterone and blood flow

ape libido

Of all the new Athletic Edge supplements there was one that we didn’t know much about. We had an idea on the product’s intentions, however unlike the others we had not yet seen the contents of APE Libido. To start off the week Athletic Edge have now actually launched their all new website, which has brought with it the label for the third APE Series supplement. In total the sex drive formula packs five main ingredients, all transparently dosed. The features making up the product are 500mg each of maca and fenugreek, 250mg Testafuranol tribulus, 100mg long jack and 75mg of selaginella tamariscina (12% amentoflavone). The APE Libido combination is promising more than just an increase in sex drive, with an increase in testosterone and blood flow as well, and of course libido. While we have yet to see any stores show up with the new supplement, Athletic Edge not only have it displayed on their website but also available for purchase. What’s more is that the price they have APE Libido for isn’t half bad at $28.99, which we can only assume is good since their price on SteelEdge is identical to the likes of Muscle & Strength’s.

Athletic Edge APE Libido

ape libido

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