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BPI talking a lot about pump for their next pre-workout

bpi pre-workout

If you haven’t heard BPI Sports are getting ready to release a brand new pre-workout supplement. Lately it’s been teaser after teaser, with the latest bit of information coming from the brand taking a look back at the history of pre-workouts. BPI have posted an article titled “The Evolution of Pre-Workouts”, where they go into detail about where it all began, when the game changed, and what people want nowadays. The last part is of course the most important as it suggests that’s the kind of experience BPI are trying to deliver with their upcoming supplement. While the brand don’t giveaway anything about what they have lined up, they do make it pretty clear that a powerful pump is what they’ve been working on. Whether that means a more pump driven 1MR sequel or a dedicated pump pre-workout focusing on the best pump possible, it seems we are going to have to wait and see. You can check out BPI’s post for yourself on their website, located in their what’s new section.

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