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BPI Muscle Vitamin makes it two for the brand’s Smart Series

bpi muscle vitamin

When BPI Sports launched 24/7 Burn it really opened up a door for them, as not only could they go in almost any direction using the 24/7 naming convention. But they also labeled 24/7 Burn as a Smart Series supplement, meaning they could end up creating a complete Smart line. Strangely enough BPI have done just that or at least introduced their second Smart product with 24/7 Muscle Vitamin. As its name suggests BPI Muscle Vitamin is a little more than your average multi-vitamin formula.

To help keep its promise of being a vitamin supplement, BPI Muscle Vitamin features a full range of vitamins and minerals with a total of 25 ingredients outside of its proprietary blends. The list includes the likes of vitamin A, folic acid, iron, vitamin B12 and zinc. As strong as the list of 25 is, things get a whole more interesting when you see what’s in BPI Muscle Vitamin’s blends.

In total the product packs three proprietaries, one for muscle-building, one for energy, and the last one a fruit and vegetables blend. Starting with the muscle-building section BPI Muscle Vitamin surprisingly features creatine HCl, agmatine sulfate and HydroMax glycerol. You then have the energy blend also listing three ingredients, plumbago zeylanica extract, theobroma and l-carnitine tartrate. Last but certainly not least is the Orac 33 blend weighing 238mg and squeezing in just as its titled, 33 different ingredients.

To give you a more complete look at everything in the new BPI Muscle Vitamin, we have included its facts panel below. You can also actually now purchase the supplement as it has been launched by the same place that introduced 24/7 Burn, The price the store have on the product is $22.79, which will get you a full 90 tablet bottle, designed to last 30 days when used at a serving a day.

24/7 BPI Muscle Vitamin

bpi muscle vitamin

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