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BPI continue to tease their new pump and energy pre-workout

bpi best pump

With another week comes another teaser from BPI for their yet to be named upcoming pre-workout supplement. So far all we know is that energy and pump are the two main focuses of the product, as the brand discovered that is what their fans want most. The new BPI teaser doesn’t give us much more information, just the same words but from BPI co-founder James Grage. As interesting as the video is and exciting it makes the brand’s new pre-workout sound, it also gets us thinking. After all the teasers that have been released we have yet to see a sneak peek at the supplement like we got with Best Glutamine. It doesn’t really mean anything but does make you wonder. As much as we don’t want to read into what’s been released, it could be that a small look may give a lot away. Unfortunately no matter how much we speculate, we are going to have to wait for more from BPI before we get any official details outside of the product being a pre-workout. Out of all the supplements launched in the competitive category over the past few months, no one has yet to really blow us away giving BPI’s mystery product the opportunity to grab the interest of those looking for something different.

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