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BPI Pump HD contents confirmed as the supplement goes on sale

bpi pump hd

Following on from last week’s official unveiling of the new BPI Pump HD, the stimulant free supplement promising both energy and pump. The brand behind the product has now revealed everything you need to know about the updated formula, also putting it on sale. In total the pre-workout features 10 different ingredients, quite a few of them ones you don’t see too often. What makes the supplement even more interesting is that the latest from BPI has very little in common with its caffeinated predecessor.

While we don’t have a facts panel to show you, we do have the new BPI Pump HD’s list of ingredients. In no specific order the product packs vitamin B6, CycloCreatine PCr, Glycerol 2X-RS, andrographis, citrulline silicate, cordyceps, echinea purpurea, quercetin, green tea and rhodiola. As previously confirmed and as you can see from the list, the supplement does not feature caffeine or yohimbine, although still promises energy. If you’re like us and want to see first hand how well the reformulated BPI Pump HD delivers energy without stimulants, the product is now available direct from the brand’s website.

Despite not yet knowing what the supplement will cost when it hits retailers. BPI’s introductory price on Pump HD is certainly not bad compared to other pump pre-workouts at $29.99 for a full size bottle. If you do decide to pick up the latest from brand you will have three deliciously sounding flavors to choose from in watermelon cooler, wicked fruit blast and blueberry lemon freeze.

Update 06/30: The label for the new BPI Pump HD has been released and added below, listing each and every ingredient with four of the features transparently dosed.


bpi pump hd

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