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Cake donut Gold Standard announced on National Donut Day

cake donut gold standard

The trend for protein powders these days seems to be making the most creative flavor or flavors possible. Some of the hits we’ve seen include PES Select’s blondie and snickerdoodle, MTS Machine Whey’s caramel sutra and iForce Protean’s chocolate covered pretzel. Despite how recent of a trend this is, unique flavors are something Optimum have been doing for quite some time. Whether it be their regular Gold Standard 100% Whey caramel toffee fudge or seasonal recipes like apple pie and eggnog, they definitely have experience in the department. Optimum have now unveiled their latest recipe, one that continues on that tradition of creativity. The name of the flavor is as appropriate as you can get for National Donut Day with cake donut Gold Standard. Nothing about the release of the taste has been mentioned yet, just a mouth-watering shot of the supplement. If cake donut Gold Standard is anything like the brand’s last few additions, key lime pie and salted caramel, there is a good chance it will hit shelves without any kind of noise so you may want to keep an eye out.

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