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Carnivor Liquid Protein finally gets a third flavor

carnivor liquid protein

Previously MuscleMeds’ premixed protein solution Carnivor Liquid Protein was available in just two flavors, fruit punch and orange. The supplement’s menu has been that way since we were first introduced to it despite the original Carnivor as well as Carnivor Mass both getting more and more options. MuscleMeds have now revealed and released taste number three for the product, keeping the fruity flavor theme alive. The option joining Carnivor Liquid Protein’s menu is berry blast, which is now available. Like all new items from MuscleMeds, the brand have already added berry blast to their own official store. While the direct price on the latest Carnivor Liquid Protein flavor as you’d expect is quite high, the brand do have some promotions you can take advantage of to make your purchase that little bit better. A couple other items you might want to add would be the recently released Carnivor RTD + MuscleMeds tee and/or the BOGO deal on Secret Sauce dropping the post-workout to $30 a bottle. Either way you go, from what we can see the MuscleMeds store is the only place with berry blast at the moment meaning if you don’t mind the price that’s where you need to go.

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