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Cookies and cream Combat Crunch launched 4 days early

cookies and cream combat crunch

If you’ve been waiting on the release of MusclePharm’s latest Combat Crunch flavor which was being promised for June 15th, the new deadline after the brand missed June 1st, today is your day. As expected MusclePharm’s sixth edible effort, cookies and cream Combat Crunch has arrived a few days before its deadline. While the brand did change from the first of the month to two weeks later, putting the new option on sale four days early definitely helps make up for the delay. What makes the launch even more interesting is that there is in fact more than the one predictable place to get cookies and cream Combat Crunch. The choices are GNC or who actually have a box of 12 priced roughly the same at $29.99 for and $31.41 at GNC or $29.99 for those with a Gold Card. At the end of the day the decision is yours, however it is that has the edge if you don’t mind buying two boxes. To go with the release of cookies and cream Combat Crunch the online store have a buy two get one promotion dropping each box down to $19.99, a whole $10 cheaper than GNC’s best option.