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Crea Swole will be UPS Protein’s creatine and pump pre-workout

crea swole

Before UPS Protein started on their rampage of new releases they said they had at least three new supplements on the way. One was a mass gainer which turned out to be Mass Gain 2XL, a fat burner we now know as Beta Stim, and some kind of creatine formula. While UPS have certainly put together a whole lot more than those three with Shake N Bake, GH Dreamzzz and Amino Greens, we have still yet to see that creatine product they were talking about. The brand have now passed on an update for that supplement confirming some extremely interesting details.

The official name of the upcoming UPS creatine formula is Crea Swole, leading you to believe there is a little more to the product than just creatine. As it turns out that is indeed the case as Crea Swole will double as a stimulant free pump pre-workout. Being this early on we don’t know how much of the Australian supplement will be creatine and how much will be dedicated to delivering a good pump, either way it is an interesting mix. The Crea Swole combination is definitely not one you’ll see often and yet another chance for UPS to get creative just as they did for their amino and greens formula Amino Greens.

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