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Creatine Black taken down from TF Supplements within a day

Creatine Black

Yesterday some pretty interesting news surfaced as one of the MusclePharm Black Label supplements surfaced outside of its exclusive retailer. After only being available at GNC for a couple of months Creatine Black showed up at TF Supplements with a price almost 40% cheaper than GNC’s. For whatever reason the product has since been taken down or at least hidden at TF Supplements, as you can still visit its page but not find it in search.

Strangely enough while looking around the store we noticed Amino1 Black and Combat Black have also been uploaded to TF Supplements and are hidden from search. As much as we’d like to think this means the MusclePharm Black Label line is due to expand out of GNC and drop all the products prices by 40%, we are unsure what to think at this point. While it was odd for TF Supplements to add Creatine Black then take it down within a day, it’s even stranger that they have it on their store at all if they’re not going to sell it.

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