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Introducing Crossfuel the new Crossfit marketed company


Today we’ve got a fresh new brand to introduce to everyone, the Crossfit marketed supplement company CrossFuel. The brand have not yet launched their line, which is made up of 10 different products. Most of the Crossfuel supplements explain themselves, with about half requiring some extra explaining. In the protein department you have the plant-based protein Power Plant 30, the protein and carbohydrate formula Rapid Recovery, the time released protein Pro-10X, and the New Zealand whey sourced product suitably titled New Zealand Whey. As for the other six supplements there is the pre-workout Intensity, amino cocktail Aminos Reps, nighttime product ZZCovery 10X, multi-vitamin Fortify 10X, socially titled fat burner #Firestarter 10X, and the muscle-building concoction Test 10X. While we don’t yet have labels for any of the supplements, we do know all 10 of the Crossfuel formulas are banned substance free guaranteed by Informed Choice. They’re also free of proprietary blends, gluten, as well as flavors, colors and artificial sweeteners. As mentioned Crossfuel’s line is not yet available, although they do have a launch planned for sometime next month. All 10 products are expected to be released in Canada through GNC and the brand’s own official website which is where you can also find more information on each of the supplements.

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