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Diablo PM swaps out phenibut for GABA for the US

diablo pm

When ANS Performance originally released their Australasian exclusive Diablo PM, the big question was whether or not the supplement would be making it the US. As it turns out more than half a year later the product if finally moving in on the American market. Obviously the same restrictions don’t apply here so the formula has been modified. Despite how many things ANS could have changed there is only one ingredient separating the new Diablo PM from the original. Of the exclusive’s six features KSM-66 ashwagandha, l-carnitine l-tartrate, Adilase hemerocallis, passionflower and theanine have all been carried over. The one ingredient missing is phenibut which ANS have swapped out for exactly half a gram of GABA. The reason we know it’s dose is because the US Diablo PM is 100% transparent, with proof of that honesty in its official facts panel below. Lastly we have the options for the alternate version or at least option, as just like the first Diablo PM the all new edition is only available in the one 30 serving grape dream tub. While we don’t know when the latest supplement from ANS will be hitting shelves, the brand have already added it to their website where it is now in stock for $34.99.

ANS Performance Diablo PM US version

diablo pm

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