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Dymatize call out an unknown competitor for amino spiking


Just as we said last week when Just Be Natural compared their plant-based protein to the popular Vega One, lately we have been seeing a lot of big brands calling others out. The latest confident company to compare one of their own to another is Dymatize Nutrition with their isolate formula ISO 100. The brand have put together a comparison of ISO 100’s ingredients section, and a competitor that they didn’t make any real effort to name. As much of a competitor comparison as it is, Dymatize are actually promoting the image as a bit of an education on amino spiking. In the picture which you can see below you have ISO 100 on the left listing just a handful of features. Moving over to the right you then have a competitor’s label with a whole lot more including two highlighted amino acids that are commonly used to spike protein powders. Dymatize do also have a description that makes the comparison educational which you can see alongside the image below. While “competitor” doesn’t exactly give you any real clue as to what supplement ISO 100 is being compared to, the ingredients section can be matched to a protein powder.

Dymatize ISO 100 competitor comparison


“AMINO SPIKING: When companies sneak cheaper ‘non-protein’ amino acids like Glycine & Taurine into their protein powder to cut costs and cheat consumers. They’re able to get away with it because the amino acids contain nitrogen, which is how laboratories estimate how much protein is found in a product.”

“You think you’re paying for 25g of protein per scoop, but with some brands you may be getting way less than that. With Dymatize, all of the protein listed on the label comes from ACTUAL PROTEIN.”

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