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JBN calls out Vega, Earth Superior Veggie vs Vega One

earth superior veggie

Compared to other years, we’ve seen a lot more bold call outs recently between big companies. MAN posted their comparison with what we believe to be Black Market’s AdreNOlyn Bulk, and Black Skull continue to pick their battles with the likes of MuscleMeds and Optimum. The latest brand to call out another is Just Be Natural or more commonly known as JBN, who have put their plant based protein Earth Superior Veggie up against the well known Vega One. For whatever reason JBN did blur out the name of supplement on its bottle in their argument, although that doesn’t make it any more difficult to figure out who they’re talking about.

In the comparison (below) the brand obviously make Earth Superior Veggie look pretty good listing 2g more protein, 30 less calories, 1g less carbohydrates, both stevia and agave as sweeteners, 5 more servings per container and a better price per serving. Like all good arguments it’s about what you don’t say that wins you the battle. JBN have done exactly that as they’ve left a number of things out that could put the table in favor of Vega. For starters Earth Superior has just the two flavors compared to Vega One’s five, as well as almost half the fiber and 1g of sugar where as Vega One lists <1g (US version). The carb and calorie argument is also very dependent on the flavor, as only Vega's chocolate has 30 more calories and 1g more carbs. The other four flavors all have 10g or less carbs, and calories ranging from 150 to 160, except for vanilla chai which joins chocolate at 170. There are of course other highlights that JBN don't include on their comparison chart as they don't appear to promote them. On top of it's plant based dose of protein Vega One also packs 6 servings of greens, 1.5g of omega-3s, antioxidants, probiotics, and they also don't have amino acids in their ingredients section (Earth Superior Veggie does). At the end of the day it is probably best to take a look at both in detail on your own. While we have added JBN's Earth Superior Veggie vs Vega One comparison below, if you visit both of the brand’s websites you’ll quickly learn it tells less than half the story.

Earth Superior Veggie vs Vega One

earth superior veggie

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