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Fusion Micro Dry still coming soon but now a lot closer

fusion micro dry

One of the three new supplements Fusion unveiled earlier in the year was the maximum strength diuretic Fusion Micro Dry. It is the only entirely new product coming from the brand as the other two are sequels with Zeus 2.0 and Agent M 2.0. Since however Zeus 2.0 was recently released, Fusion do have just the two supplements left to come. Despite Agent M 2.0 actually being previewed a few weeks before Micro Dry, the latter is going to be the brand’s next product launched.

Very soon Fusion Micro Dry will be getting its own release date, which could mean the supplement is a lot closer than you’d think. The last time the brand dropped an exact date for a new product we saw Zeus 2.0 go on sale one week later. We’re not saying that will be the case for Fusion Micro Dry, but it is possibility. Regardless of when the diuretic drops we at least know the brand’s website is where it will hit first.

Update 06/19: The brand have announced that Fusion Micro Dry is now five weeks away from release.

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