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Official Gaspari Nutrition website hacked

gaspari hacked

While we don’t know exactly when this all went down, we know that about a week ago Gaspari Nutrition’s website was still being displayed as under construction. Now if you visit you will be welcomed by a very different message. The official website of Gaspari is now displaying in bold lettering “hacked by Alarg53”. The words are then followed by an image featuring the Palestinian flag then a link to Alarg53’s Facebook page and the person’s Skype username. Every page that we know of has been replaced with the hacked welcome message except for an old products section with links to each supplement’s page. As difficult as you may think it might be for Gaspari fans, we can’t imagine many people visiting their website for information these days anyway as it has been under construction since February. We have yet to see anything from Gaspari on the issue, which does seem to be a lot more serious than the common Facebook takeover. We’ll try and keep everyone updated to see if anything changes and if Gaspari decide to say anything about the hack.

Update 06/17: Gaspari’s website is now back to normal with the brand’s under construction welcome message back on the front page. Gaspari don’t appear to have said anything about the hack, either way the site is back.

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