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GH Dreamzzz UPS Protein’s upcoming sleep supplement

gh dreamzzz

Not too long ago before UPS Protein launched Amino Greens and unveiled their protein pancake mix Shake N Bake. The Australian brand teased the coming of another new supplement. The product wasn’t given a name, just that it is flavored and will see UPS enter the sleep support category. The official title of that same supplement has now been confirmed with a sneak peek at what UPS have called GH Dreamzzz. The only other details the brand’s teaser provides are three of its effects, a flavor, and a time frame for when GH Dreamzzz will be arriving. Some of the things UPS are promoting for their upcoming product include the traditional deep sleep, GH release and improved recovery. The one flavor revealed for the supplement is tropical, although that is all we’ve seen so far which does mean that there could be more. Lastly UPS Protein have given a time frame for when GH Dreamzzz will be released with the always vague and sometimes painfully lengthy “coming soon”. As mysterious as the line “coming soon” can be, in the past it certainly hasn’t been that long for UPS especially after we’ve got a look at a product’s label as pictured above.

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