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Jackpot July: More than 190 products up for grabs

jackpot july

If you’ve been following along with our teasers both on social media and our website, you will already know what next Wednesday is going to bring. The massive and hopefully annual promotion we’re calling Jackpot July in celebration of our 4th birthday is coming July 1st, and will likely be the biggest giveaway you’ve ever seen. To show our thanks to all our followers we have organized 59 prize packs which will all be up for grabs across the entire month of July. The giveaways are going to be laid out at a brand a day, meaning we have 31 brands taking part.

As we build towards July 1st we are going to be revealing the prize packs we have lined up adding them to the numbered list below. Just to give you an idea on how much we are going to be giving away as mentioned we have 31 great brands to thank, with a combined total of 59 prize packs. Making up those packs are more than 190 products, which if we work out to have an average value of $15 each, we’ve got almost $3,000 worth of stuff up for grabs.

Definitely keep an eye on this page as we have a lot to reveal and will of course be saving the big prizes until last. If you are wondering what countries the giveaways will be open to, we can tell you it will vary from day-to-day. Most will be US only although there are a handful for the UK and Canada.

Jackpot July prize list

01 – Myprotein 5 x 2.5kg Impact Whey, Protein Cookies, Instant Oats, Protein Chox, Blender Bottle, BCAA, Creatine Monohydrate and a tee

02 – MTS Nutrition 1 x Machine Stack made up of Vasky, Fuel, Clash and Machine Whey

03 – Inspired Nutraceuticals 1x DVST8, CR3 and PRPL REIGN

04 – Nutrex 2 x Outlift and Amino Drive

05 – American Metabolix 1 x Musclephyx, Havok, Nirvana and Exile

06 – Betancourt 1 x Beef Standard, BullNOX and Carnitine Plus

07 – Performix 1 x SST and Stimfree, 1 x ISO and Ion

08 – BSN 1 x 5lb Syntha-6, 60 serving NO-Xplode, 70 serving AminoX, 180ct Nitrix, 50 serving CellMass, Flex Fit hat, T-shirt and Drawstring bag

09 – EVL 1 x Lean Mode, Trans4orm, A10, Fish Oil and ENGN

10 – PES 1 x Alphamine Strawberry Pina Colada and SHIFT
10 – Rivalus 3 x Promasil 2lbs, Powder Burn 2.0 and Steam

11 – True Grit 1 x Pre and Post

12 – Strong Girl 1 x Isolate and Pre-workout

13 – MAN 1 x PepTest Bulk, ISO Amino and Nolvadren XT

14 – Black Market 1 x AdreNOlyn Bulk, Amino Bulk and jacket. 1 x AdreNOlyn Cuts, Amino Cuts and jacket

15 – Muscletech 1 x gym bag, Nitro-Tech Vanilla Birthday Cake and Anarchy Icy Rocket Freeze. 1 x gym bag, Nitro-Tech Mocha Cappuccino and Creactor Lemon Lime. 1 x Clear Muscle and Phospha Muscle

16 – Chaos and Pain 1 x Ferox and Swole, 1 x Da Vinci and Genius, 1 x Inferno and Claw, 1 x Olympus Series Hypnos, Mercury and Helios

17 – Adapt Nutrition 1 x shaker, tee, CreaTec, GH Assist and PreTrain. 2 x samples, tee and shaker
17 – Nutrabolics 10 x Thermal XTC and Carnibolic Stack

18 – Campus Protein 1 x Fuel and Blender Bottle

19 – Blackstone Labs 1 x Isolation, Dust V2, Resurgence and Hype

20 – Pro Supps 3 x Mr Hyde, Dr. Jekyll, Vexxum and a tee

21 – ANS Performance 1 x Ritual, Amino HP, Crexcel and N-Pro Protein
21 – PricePlow 1 x $15 for any of the stores they link to

22 – Cellucor 1 x C4, C4 Ripped and C4 Mass. 1 x C4 50X, Alpha Amino Xtreme and Super HD Xtreme

23 – Prime Nutrition 1 x Platinum Series made up of Backdraft-XP, Max-HP, Intra-MD and Partition-MD

24 – BPI 10 x Pump HD

25 – Lecheek 1 x 6 supplements of your choice

26 – Genomyx 1 x 6 supplements of your choice

27 – Fitmark 1 x Shield
27 – Nutrabio 1 x Pre Extreme, SuperCarb and IntraBlast

28 – Gaspari 3 x SP250 and Nova X

29 – Muscle & Strength 1 x Nutrex Outrage and Outlift. 1 x BPI Chromadex verified 5lb ISO HD and Best BCAA. 1 x Cutler Pro Pack and Amino Pump. 1 x Ronnie Coleman Sour Apple Amino Tone and Stacked NO. 1 x Cellucor hat and tee. 1 x Animal Juiced Aminos and Animal Stak. 1 x Muscletech Creactor and Anarchy. 1 x MusclePharm Assault and box of Combat Crunch. 1 x Fitmiss Burn. 1 x Cellucor C4 Mass and C4 Ripped.

30 – Human Evolution 1 x Extreme Override, Amino 5.0, Whey Protein 44, Plasma Blast and shaker
30 – Muscle Elements 3 x Lean On ME or Grow With ME stack

31 – Magnum 1 x Limitless, OPUS and Hi-5
31 – Finaflex 1 x Hat, tee, Active Multi, Muscle Fiber and PX White

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