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Our biggest event ever launching on July 1st


If you’ve been following us on Facebook recently you will have seen the above image posted earlier this week. It was a teaser for something extremely special that we’ve lined up for July. Very rarely do we get to leak details or at least talk about something of our own that we’ve got coming soon, and we can guarantee you there is no hype here. While we’re not yet ready to confirm all the final details as we actually don’t have them, or give you any exact information on the July event. We do have a some clues as to what it is we’ve got planned. Firstly it is going to be all about you, the readers, fans and supplement enthusiasts. You’ve been following for years and we feel this is the least we could do. Secondly even if you guess what we have in store, the scale of the July event is something we haven’t seen before so we feel it’s something you likely haven’t seen either. Lastly our birthday is in July, July 25th to be exact, making the month the perfect time to start what we would like to be an annual thing. All the details will be dropped on Monday June 29th in preparation for the first day of July.

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