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New Labrada Super Charge looking a bit heavier than its predecessor

labrada super charge

When Labrada Nutrition launched their alternatively branded pre-workout PE1, we kind of thought that would replace or takeover in some way their previous pre-workout’s position. Super Charge! Xtreme 4.0 was the formula we thought would be getting the boot, however since PE1’s arrival it hasn’t moved one bit. We’ve now found out why as Labrada have in fact put together a sequel to Xtreme 4.0 with a supplement they’ve plainly titled Labrada Super Charge. While we don’t yet have all the details on the new Labrada Super Charge, like all good products the pre-workout lists a lot of information right on its bottle.

Instead of comparing the new reformulated supplement to its predecessor, due to there being so many changes based on what little we’ve seen, we’re just going to go over the ingredients we do know will be in the product. Making up a total of 15g in the updated Labrada Super Charge will be 5g each of BCAAs and an unknown type/s of creatine, 2g each of taurine and beta-alanine, and 1g of citrulline nitrate. The reason we know there is more to the pre-workout is because the brand have said there will be a total of 10 performance enhancing ingredients in the new Super Charge, with those mentioned of course making up half.

As soon as more information comes in we’ll make sure we get it online, although with those five features totaling 15g and the 675g tub expected to be packing 30 22.5g servings, don’t count on seeing any more 5g doses.

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