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Lipo 6 Rx TeaCrine dose confirmed as well as 2 other ingredients

lipo 6 rx

Recently we got a look at Nutrex’s next new supplement, the fat burning formula Lipo 6 Rx. All we found out about the product is that it is of course a weight loss supplement and that one of its main ingredients is TeaCrine theacrine. We’ve now been handed a few details on the upcoming Nutrex fat burner, confirming just how much TeaCine is in Lipo 6 Rx as well as a couple of other big features. Firstly the dose of TeaCrine in the product is 100mg, the same dose seen in the only other transparent TeaCrine formula, MusclePharm’s OxySport Black. Moving on to the other two ingredients we have to confirm today, we’ve got caffeine and the branded Infinergy dicaffeine malate.

Starting with the caffeine, Nutrex have gone with the same dose as TeaCrine using 100mg. That is also the amount of Infinergy dicaffeine in Lipo 6 Rx, bringing the supplement’s caffeine total up to 200mg. While it does sound like all caffeine and stimulants in the product, which may very well be the case. The brand have said that caffeine, Infinergy and TeaCrine make up less than half the formula. All together Lipo 6 Rx has eight different features, meaning we’ve got another five to look forward to. With the supplement due to arrive in July there is still a lot of time between now and when it will be available, which is probably when we’re going to see the remaining details released.

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