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Magnum EBrake and GSpring pictured on the back of Limitless

magnum ebrake

Those of you who have been lucky enough to pick up a tub of Magnum’s new pre-workout Limitless already, you may have noticed a bit of stacking education on the back of the tub. In the highlighted box the brand list a few of their own supplements that stack well with Limitless including two products you might not have seen before. Magnum EBrake and Magnum GSpring are the two mystery supplements from the Limitless label, both of which we can only confirm categories for. Starting with Magnum EBrake or officially written as E-Brake, the product is described as an anti-aromataste formula. As for Magnum GSpring or as it’s labelled G-Spring, the letter “G” is the giveaway for this one as the brand are promoting the supplement with two nighttime effects “sleep & grow”. Outside of the names and categories the only other piece of information we have for Magnum EBrake and Magnum GSpring is that they are both capsule formulas. More details are expected to be along soon although definitely don’t let either of the two take your attention away from Limitless, a stimulant powered pre-workout well worth trying.

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