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Magnum Limitless label puts whey isolate in the mix

magnum limitless

It seems today is just a day where everything is being released for the upcoming Magnum Limitless as following from our post this morning and giveaway we launched just a few hours ago. The brand have now revealed the facts panel behind their previously mysterious pre-workout. This morning we were able to confirm a handful of features for the new supplement with myristica fragrans extract, citrulline, bacopa monnieri extract and the patented Chromium 454. As it turns out there is a lot more to Magnum Limitless which is something we already knew, however its combination of ingredients is definitely not what we expected.

On top of the four Magnum Limitless features mentioned there are a number of other interesting additions. First off you have the product’s 7g ISOPower Complex bringing together three types of creatine, isolate, pyruvate and phosphate. CarnoSyn beta-alanine and something you definitely don’t see too often in pre-workouts, whey protein isolate (90%). The supplement’s label does keep going with even more interesting ingredients including a 5g dose of citrulline, 2.5g betaine, the Happy Brain blend’s GABA and choline, as well as beet root and pine bark extract. Basically when you see as many pre-workouts as we do making use of most of the same features, something like this is definitely intriguing.

While we did confirm most of the Magnum Limitless effects this morning, we’ve now got a much more complete list. The combination of ingredients mentioned and all the others listed in the facts panel below are aiming to deliver increased energy, more strength, muscle growth, pumps and vascularity, enhanced endurance, focus and mood, decreased stress and zero water retention. If you didn’t know already the product is due to be launched this Wednesday at the brand’s own headquarters, and can also be won in our five tub Magnum Limitless giveaway.

Magnum Limitless

magnum limitless label

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