MET Rx Nuclear X finally getting more flavors

Jun 20th, 2015
met rx nuclear x

As long as the pre-workout MET Rx Nuclear X has been around, with details on the supplement first surfacing early last year, the brand have yet to really add anything to the product. By that we don’t mean ingredients or a sequel formula, more like flavors. That is all about to change very soon as three more tastes for MET Rx Nuclear X have been revealed. At the moment most stores are listing the supplement in the two flavors it launched with, citrus surge and radioactive punch.

The three fruity options confirmed to be joining those two are watermelon, sour apple and the slightly less common strawberry lemonade. We don’t know exactly when the brand will be introducing the tastes to MET Rx Nuclear X, taking its menu up to a total of five. We only know that they’re coming sometime soon, although it is worth mentioning they aren’t even listed on the brand’s own website yet let alone any stores.

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