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Muscletech Trilogy Chat answering all your questions this Tuesday

muscletech trilogy

If you’ve been hearing a lot about the next Muscletech muscle-building supplement Plasma Muscle, that would be because there is a little more to the product than it just being the latest from Muscletech. Plasma Muscle is going to be the brand’s third muscle builder completing what is being called the Muscletech Trilogy. Ever since details on Plasma Muscle surfaced the stackability of the product with Phospha Muscle and Clear Muscle has been pushed, with more and more information being released about the set.

The brand have now organized a live chat on social media for those who have any questions about the Muscletech Trilogy. At 11:30AM Eastern Time Tuesday Muscletech’s Twitter account will be taken over by athlete’s Santi Aragon, Marc Megna, as well as Muscletech researchers. Even if you don’t have any questions it would still be well worth taking part in the #TrilogyChat as there will be three stacks of Clear Muscle and Phospha Muscle up for grabs to those who participate.

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