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Myprotein Protein Bites review: doughy aftertaste but still worth it

myprotein protein bites review

Over the past couple of months we’ve been lucky enough to try a bunch of Myprotein supplements, most of which we’ve been able to post reviews of. So far we’ve done their not so exciting pre-workout MyPre, and their surprisingly delicious Protein Cookie. Today we have something along the same lines as the taste test of the Protein Cookie with our Myprotein Protein Bites review. With 15g of protein per serving as well as 1g of sugar, 2g of fat and just 110 calories, the product definitely fits in the category of healthy high protein snacks. To see the exact nutritional information for each of the supplement’s flavors you will need visit the brand’s website, and to find out if they taste any good read on for our Myprotein Protein Bites review.

myprotein protein bites review

Short and sweet

The first thing you need to know is that like almost every healthy high protein alternative Myprotein’s Protein Bites don’t taste like the real thing. Maybe for a second or two they do, but as you start chomping away you will quickly discover the product’s slightly dry and doughy aftertaste. Fortunately before the bad bit comes the supplement does pack a fair amount of flavor. For our Myprotein Protein Bites review we picked up Sour Cream & Spring Onion, and can happily say for the first few moments the bites are in your mouth they’re as spot on as they need to be. The product delivers that classic light sour and onion taste that will make you look forward to the more flavorsome bites gathered together at the bottom. While that initial taste does die down quite fast, a simple solution is to keep throwing them in your mouth. Of course that will see you finish the bag quicker than you may want, however it does also keep the experience of that aftertaste down to a minimum.

The unfortunate aftertaste

As immediately delicious as Myprotein’s Protein Bites are, or at least the Sour Cream & Spring Onion flavor is. Like we just said the bites do have a bit of a dry, doughy aftertaste. The combination is a bit difficult to describe, it’s kind of like when you bite into one of the more chewy protein bars then that initial taste disappears and you’re left with a chewy chunk you’re just trying to get down. In the case of the Protein Bites though it’s not so much a chunk that’s left behind after you chomp through a handful of the bites, more of a small plain blob. As bad as we’re probably making the ending of the Protein Bites sound, once you swallow you can quickly start the process back up again by throwing another lot in your mouth. While the aftertaste isn’t exactly something you’d expect, surprisingly after a packet or two you do get used to it.

myprotein protein bites review

Myprotein Protein Bites review, final words

Despite Myprotein’s Protein Bites having an upside and a downside, the upside being the short flavor packed welcome and the downside being the doughy aftertaste. Whether or not you’re going to like the supplement does come down to how much you enjoy that fake high protein flavor. For us it’s actually a pretty easy decision as the only downside as mentioned is the aftertaste, which we would gladly sacrifice for that Sour Cream & Spring Onion hit. While on a diet or just keeping an eye on what you eat, it’s always nice when you have the ability to mix things up. Myprotein’s Protein Bites is one of those products that gives you the chance to do exactly that, with three other options that are all likely to be equally enjoyable in Cheese and Jalepeno, BBQ, and Chargrilled Chicken.

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