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Introducing the classic Out Of The Lab and their product Thermosterone

out of the lab

Out Of The Lab is a very new supplement company that caught our attention before we even saw any of their products. Whether you visit the brand’s website or any of their social media pages you’ll notice Out Of The Lab’s branding is as classic as you can get, which is what quickly drew our attention. Not only does the brand keep things stylishly colorless for almost every image they upload, and make use of a font almost identical to the one Animal use. But for all of the images they add on social media they apply a vintage type filter, giving them that classic hardcore feel. As for Out Of The Lab’s actual supplements, at the moment they have one available and one coming soon.

Thermosterone is Out Of The Lab’s only product on sale right now which confirms exactly what it is in one of its short descriptions, “big and lean – all in one”. Just as its name suggests Out Of The Lab’s Thermosterone is a combination formula aiming to deliver both weight loss and muscle gain. To help it come through on those rarely paired promises the brand have packed the supplement with 17 main ingredients including familiar muscle-building features such as triblulus, velvet bean and fenugreek. As well as fat burning features such as yohimbe, Advantra Z and caffeine. As for the other Out Of The Lab product currently listed as coming soon, we unfortunately only have three words describing it. With no exact category, title or even a sneak peek, all we have on the supplement is that it has been designed to “Repair. Recover. Grow.”

If you’d like to find out more about the brand, you can visit their website at where you will want to check out their philosophy section. Like every brand we introduce, moving forward we’ll be sure to post updates on Out Of The Lab, especially since they have another product on the way.

Out Of The Lab Thermosterone

out of the lab thermosterone

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