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Try them all with the PES Select Your Select Bundle

pes Select Your Select

If you’re a PES fan or more specifically a PES Select Protein fan, you will no doubt appreciate all the deals have been putting together. The first offer we posted about was the Blondiedoodle bundle giving you to 20% off the popular protein giving you 4lbs of PES Select for $44.70. We then saw the 8lb Blondiedoodle bundle dropping the cost of the supplement even further. The massive online retailer have now introduced another PES Select Protein pack, although this time they’ve gone back the other way. The latest from for the PES product is basically a taste testing stack as it gives you four trial tubs of Select Protein in any flavor of your choice. If you think being a little experimental is also going to cost you, surprisingly the set of 4 7 serving trial tubs is cheaper than a regular 27 servings PES Select. The Select Your Select Bundle has been valued at just $27.94, giving you a better deal than the 27 serving at $28.50 as well as your choice of four different flavors.

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