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Umoro One, the complex luxury supplement shaker


The shaker game hasn’t really changed much since SmartShake introduced compartments to the supplement accessory. We’ve definitely seen a lot of attempts at something different over the years, although no one’s had anything quite as interesting as the Umoro One. While the product does appear to have been around for quite some time, we have only just stumbled across it.

For those that haven’t seen it before the functionality of this shaker is going to impress you. As complex as the picture above may look Umoro One’s features are fairly straightforward. The shaker is leakproof, odor and scratch resistant, BPA free and comes with a cup measuring 20oz. You may be thinking that sounds normal except for maybe the scratch and odor resistance however there is one more major feature to the Umoro One.

Tucked away in the lid of the Umoro one is enough room for a 100cc or 50g scoop of powder. The compartment keeps the powder away allowing you to drink whatever you have in your bottle. Then when you decide you want to use the protein, pre-workout or aminos you simply press the button on the top and the powder falls into the cup.

As crazy as that sounds Umoro One’s introductory video (above) proves it’s more than real and a lot simpler than it sounds. When you combine that with all its rarely seen highlights, the Umoro One definitely sounds like a product worth investing in. It is of course slightly more expensive than your average shaker with a price tag of $28.99 on the brand’s website and four colors to choose from in midnight black, titanium grey, ocean blue and forever pink.

If you’re looking for a more familiar store Campus Protein are now stocking the Umoro One, although they will only save you a $1.

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