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Amino PM featuring mTOR Pro’s ActiveTR time release leucine

amino pm

Following on from the official name reveal of Muscle Elements new nighttime recovery supplement Amino PM, the brand has now dropped a first look at the product. Unlike a lot of companies Muscle Elements actually put quite a bit of information on the front of their labels, which makes our first look at Amino PM a lot more informative than usual. Right on the front we get all the effects the brand are promising including deep sleep, adrenal reset support, recovery, mental rejuvenation and nighttime growth. The preview also gives a few ingredients, which should definitely get you a lot more excited about the supplement.

If you’ve ever used any Muscle Elements products before you’ll know they don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to doses. Things are no different in Amino PM as the brand has squeezed in more than 10g of ingredients in to two scoops. The features we know of so far are 1g of GABA, 2.4g EAAs, 3g glutamine, 2g leucine, and 3g of the Myokem mTOR Pro highlight, ActiveTR time-release leucine. Just as we had hoped Muscle Elements has packed a lot into Amino PM bringing back memories of the almost legendary MusclePharm Bullet Proof, as that was also quite a big formula.

Based on the ingredients we’ve seen and effects promised, Muscle Elements do look like they have a solid nighttime competitor on their hands. Unfortunately as good as the supplement looks the brand won’t be releasing Amino PM until sometime in August or September, leaving us with a bit of a lengthy wait.

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