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Assault Black shows up at Get Supps for $10 less than GNC

assault black

As you may already know a lot of MusclePharm’s GNC exclusive Black Label supplements have been showing up in non-GNC retail stores. They can’t however be found at any of the major online stores, as even when Creatine Black showed up at TF Supplements it was taken down within a day. It now appears that we have another case of a MusclePharm Black Label product showing up online outside of GNC as the pre-workout Assault Black is currently on sale at Get Supps.

With GNC currently listing the pre-workout at $49.99 or $47.99 for those with a Gold Card, Get Supps are offering a significantly better price at $37.95 with two flavors to choose from in Fruit Punch and Strawberry Lime. If this story goes the same way as it did for TF Supplements and Creatine Black, it would be wise to grab Assault Black as soon as you can if you’re interested as it may very well end up being taken down.

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