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Best Aminos features BPI’s Best BCAA dose and ratio

best aminos

Yesterday we confirmed the coming of another BPI Best Series supplement, then not too long after that it was revealed that the upcoming product is called Best Aminos. Previously we didn’t know much about the contents of the formula, just what it says on its bottle with glutamine, BCAAs and an ingredient or ingredients to help deliver a bit of energy. While today we can’t confirm Best Aminos’ mystery energizing features, we do have the supplement’s other ingredients and doses.

Just as the product says right on the front the only peptide linked aminos in Best Aminos, are BCAAs and glutamine. The BCAAs are actually included at the same dose as they are in BPI’s Best BCAA, at 5g with a 2:1:1 ratio. As for the glutamine it weighs in at 1g, with the only other features in the formula outside of the energy being an electrolyte and hydration matrix. The next update we drop will likely reveal Best Aminos’ energy ingredients, which should also include its facts panel.

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