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Everything you need to know about Best Aminos released

best aminos

The story of BPI’s Best Aminos has been going on for almost a week now after a fifth Best supplement was confirmed last Thursday. The product was then officially unveiled a couple of hours later, followed by the confirmation of its BCAA and glutamine doses. The remaining pieces of the puzzle have now finally been released confirming the ingredients in Best Aminos responsible for its energy. We’ve also got the supplement’s menu to go over as well as its official facts panel.

Getting straight to the point Best Aminos has six features included to help deliver on its promise of energy. The ingredients are all wrapped up in a half gram proprietary blend named the Liposomal Energy & Focus Matrix. In order the features are green, white and black tea extract, carnitine tartrate, theobromine and phosphatidylcholine. Best Aminos does also have an Electrolyte And Hydration Matrix, which you can see below in the product’s facts panel.

Last but not least we have the 30 servings flavors for Best Aminos, with a total of three. Surprisingly only one of the supplement’s options is similar to one of Best BCAA’s in Blue Icy Razz, with the other two being Red Lemonade and Hurricane Orange. We don’t yet know exactly when Best Aminos will be launching, but now that all its details are out we can’t imagine it being too far away.

BPI Best Aminos

best aminos

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