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Black Skull headed down under through Core Biotech

black skull

While we are still waiting on the arrival of the Brazilian brand Black Skull here in the US, we’ve now actually got news of the line making its way into another area. A company called Core Biotech down under in Australia has announced that they will be bringing Black Skull to their local market as they have been made the official Asia Pacific distributor. As difficult as it is to get capsule supplements on shelves in Australia, one of the reasons you see most brand’s just putting together powder alternatives.

Core Biotech are in fact promoting the arrival of what looks to be every Black Skull product, capsule, powder and even some branded gear. The official announcement was made by Core Biotech last week, which they have since followed up with a number of teasers. For now “coming soon” is the best we’ve got for when Black Skull will land down under, although we can’t imagine Core Biotech would have announced the partnership if the brand wasn’t at least on its way.

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