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Burn XS promising unique mind bending clarity

burn xs

The question of whether BPI has put together a sequel supplement or an entirely new product as their next weight loss solution has been answered. Today the brand has unveiled the thermogenic and euphoric formula Burn XS. BPI is really pushing focus on this one confidently describing the quality of the effect as “unique mind bending clarity”. You’ll notice in the picture above Burn XS is made to look like a rather small supplement, especially next to the one capsule that sits alongside it.

That is because the product only packs 40 capsules, suggesting that it might be a bit like BPI’s Roxy and feature a single capsule serving. Now that the brand has revealed Burn XS the next stop is of course finding out what’s in the supplement. With promises of some solid focus it will definitely be interesting to see what the brand has gone with, more so if it is indeed a single capsule formula.

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