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Cobra Shadow X now the official name for Crystal X

cobra shadow x

The story of Cobra Shadow X is quite possibly one of the longest we know of. While we’ve seen brands take months to deliver on supplement launches, and some coming soon products even fade away into nothing. Cobra Shadow X is something we’ve seen updates on just not any kind of release. You may not actually know the supplement Shadow X from Cobra Labs as up until recently it went by the name Crystal X.

Before that it was called Project X or at least Project X from 2013 coincidentally disappeared when an image of Crystal X surfaced. Shadow X is now the official title of Cobra Labs upcoming pre-workout that has honestly kept us following the brand more than closely for almost two and a half years. While we don’t yet see an end to the story of Cobra Shadow X, we can only hope the second name change means the product isn’t far away.

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