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Z-Matrix finally goes on sale at

evl z-matrix

Over the past few months EVLution Nutrition has revealed and released a number of new supplements such as the individuals Carnitine 500 and BCAA 5000, more color changing ENGNs, and a special edition EVL USA Tank. One of the other products the brand unveiled earlier this year was the ZMA formula Z-Matrix, which since its first sighting back in April has yet to be seen again.

That has all now changed as EVL’s ZMA Z-Matrix has finally been launched at The release confirms that there is a bit more in the supplement than expected as alongside Z-Matrix’s traditional dose of ZMA, the brand has also included 200mg of theanine and 5mg Bioperine. For those interested in purchasing the product as mentioned it is now on sale at, where a full size 30 serving bottle of EVL’s new Z-Matrix will set you back a rather reasonable $14.99.

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