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G-Spring available for pre-order a day before launch


While we may only be one day away from the launch of Magnum Nutraceuticals upcoming sleep and grow supplement G-Spring. The brand has now put the product up for pre-order, just as they did for their last new formula the high energy pre-workout Limitless. Seeing as the pre-order opportunity is direct from Magnum, the price on G-Spring is a bit high at $44.95 for a full size 24 serving bottle.

Unfortunately unlike with Limitless the brand hasn’t made any add-ons available, which is actually what helped make the pre-workout’s equally expensive price tag a lot easier to take. This time around you will have to pay full price with nothing to soften the blow, leaving the cost at $45 working out to exactly $1.87 a serving. As mentioned we are just one day away from the official release date of Magnum’s G-Spring, the same day all pre-orders are set to ship.

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