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GAT Essentials Series launched with a total of 4 supplements

gat essentials

The GAT Essentials Series has been released, and just as predicted there is more to the basic line than just Glutamine and the all new Mens Multi + Test. The brand’s blue and white collection has been launched through their own website with a total of four supplements. Making up the series are the two we already knew about Glutamine and Mens Multi, and the two we figured would be rebranded for the line, Creatine and BCAAs. Since the only new product of the Essentials is Mens Multi, and it is the only one that doesn’t say it all in its name, the formula does need a bit more explaining.

While the all new GAT Essentials supplement doesn’t give away everything in its name, it does tell you a fair bit. The product is just as it says, a 2-in-1 type formula bringing together a multi-vitamin and testosterone. To deliver on its promise of being a vitamin, Mens Multi lists all your usual vitamins and minerals from 250mg of vitamin C to 30mg of zinc. There is also a small 200mg fruit and greens blend in the mix featuring the likes of grape seed, blueberry and papaya fruit powder. As for the ingredients included to help with testosterone GAT promote just the one with half a gram of the well-known tribulus.

As mentioned the GAT Essentials have all been launched through the brand’s own website, where you can now purchase any of the four ranging in price from $16.24 (Mens Multi) to $31.49 (Glutamine).

GAT Essentials Mens Multi + Test

mens multi + test

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