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Mens Multi Test could be the start of a GAT Essential Series

mens multi test

It’s fairly safe to say GAT has been on fire as of late, introducing a whole lot of new supplements over the past couple of months. We’ve seen a flavored JetFuel, reformulated versions of JetFuel T-300 and Superburn, Carbotein and a preview of a new pump product. Believe it or not today we’ve got even more from GAT with what looks like the beginning of an essentials series. In the image above you see all the brand’s usuals with JetFuel, JetMass, BCAA, Supertein and Creatine. You may also see the two at the front, one an entirely new supplement and the other a rebranded one.

The first product we’d like to point out is GAT’s L-Glutamine, which fans will notice straight away is not in its normal white and grey label. The other supplement is Mens Multi Test, something you won’t have seen before and is dressed in a label styled exactly the same as Glutamine. While we don’t yet know anything about Mens Multi Test outside of its name suggesting a ZMA and vitamin formula. The fact that it’s featuring a look similar to a rebranded Glutamine and has Essentials printed across the top, leaves us thinking Mens Multi Test could be the start of a GAT Essential Series.

At the speed the brand is going we are likely to see more information on the new line soon if it is indeed real, with no doubt GAT’s other basics BCAAs and Creatine also likely to get dragged in to the Essential Series.

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